The UK National XC League

Rules for the submission of Cross Country (XC) Flights

The UK National XC League aims to encourage competition by enabling pilots to compete nationally against all comers in a manner that is fun whilst, at the same time, promoting safe and responsible flying.

Definitions and terms are as described in FAI section 7.


  • Only flights that originate within the geographic boundaries of the United Kingdom of Great Britain will be accepted for the league. Provided that, at no time during a flight are the rules governing controlled and/or restricted airspace contravened and local rules regarding access and use of takeoff and landing sites are not infringed.
  • Flights outside the UK will be accepted for personal logs only and will not show on any official tables. Such flights must be accompanied by a flight log.
  • Pilots are allowed 2 flights under club rating with relevant supervision to be entered into the system, anyone with a Pilot rating can enter as many flights as they wish

Season Dates

Competition Season Flying seasons run from 1st November to 31st October the following year with a winter season ending on the last day of February each year.

Gliders and Launch

All classes of hang glider are welcome in the league. We accept hill (foot), winch and aerotow as launch methods. A flight which began with a tow launch will only be accepted if the pilot released from the tow at a height of 2000ft AGL or less. No part of the flight can be under power, this needs to be thought about especially when planning definded flights.

Entry Fee

The league services are provided free of charge and will remain so for as long as we run it.

Types of flights

We limit flights in official tables to those over 10 points where points are determined by distance (km) * multiplier. Different flight type have different multipliers depending on difficulty

Open Distance Flight

  • From any start point to any finish point with up to three intermediate turn points.
  • Start and finish points need not be launch and landing.
  • Distance scored will be distance flown between waypoints.
  • No multipliers with be applied for an open distance flight.Open distance flight

Goal Flights

  • From any declared start point to any declared finish with up to three declared intermediate turn points.
  • Start and finish points need not be launch and landing.
  • All turnpoints must be met to within 400m, if any turnpoint is missed the flight will score as an open-distance.
  • The score given is calculated from the centre of the goal cylinders and NOT the actual flight path. A completed Goal Flight will score 1.25 times the distance flown.
  • An incomplete Goal Flight will score Open Distance (see above).Goal Flight

Out and Return Flights

  • From any start point and back (within 800m) with one turn point.
  • The start does not need to be the launch and the end does not need to be the landing.
  • A completed Out and Return will score 2.0 times the distance flown.Out and return
  • An incomplete Out and Return will score Open Distance (see above).
  • A Defined Out and Return will score 2.5 times the distance flown.Defined out and return

Triangle flights

  • From any start point via 3 turnpoints   and back to the start point (within 800m).
  • The start does not need to be the launch and the end does not need to be the landing.
  • For a flight to be recorded as a Triangle it must be complete and satisfy the FAI's 28% Rule, (shortest side must be greater than, or equal to, 28% of the distance flown).
    Triangle flightFAI Triangle
  • A completed Triangle that satisfies 28% rule will score 2.5 times the distance flown.
  • A completed Triangle that does NOT satisfy 28% rule will score 1.75 times the distance flown
  • An incomplete Triangle will score Open Distance (see above).
  • A Defined Triangle will score 3.0 times the distance flown.Defined Triangle

Defined Flight

A defined flight is a Goal, Out and Return or Triangle that was declared no more than 24 hours before takeoff and where such declaration was recorded and witnessed. To declare the flight please text the details (your name and the coordinates) to  O7427-684-637 or email us

Ridge Lift

Regardless of the above, a flight will only be eligible for any bonus score if at least 60% of the distance flown is out of ridge lift.


Composition of league tables complete results are only published on our website at UKNXCL, a subset of the results are forwarded to Skywings, monthly, for publication at their discretion. There are a multitude of different league tables for you to look at. Some qualify for trophies at the end of each season; others are there just for your information and interest.

Individual League Tables

  • Separate league tables are compiled for Class 1 and Class 5 Hang Gliders and Paraglider, but for convenience and comparison they are displayed together.
  • Each entry in a league table is compiled from a pilots best six flights in the appropriate category (post 2003).
  • For six flights to count in our Main, (and Ladies), League table a pilot MUST submit at least one Open Distance flight AND one Defined flight along with any four other flights.

Club League Table

  • The Official Club League table is compiled from the best six flights from a Clubs top four scoring pilots.
  • Each pilot will be scored under the same rules as Individual League Tables (See 1).

Winter League Tables

  • Are essentially Individual League Tables of flights flown between Nov 1st and the last day Feb in any given season


Prizes for League winners and various categories of flight are awarded by, and at the discretion of, the BHPAs Hang Gliding Competitions Panel.

Special Cases

There are none, All flights from both competitors in other competitions and from the free flying community will be treated in an identical manner.

Submitting Flights

  • ALL Flight entries must be submitted through the online form provided on our website and *should* be submitted within 28 Days of the date of the flight.
  • There is a 1 month period at the end of a season for flights to be submitted, after that the season is "closed" and no more flights shall be accepted.
  • We initially accept all flights submitted on trust so they may be entered into the database and published on the website as soon as possible.

Verification of Flights after Submission The UK NXCL competition is run on trust. Pilots submitting Flights are responsible for the accuracy of information submitted. The competition is policed by your peers. In the event of any dispute over a particular flight entry, it will be deleted from the results until such time as the submitting Pilot is able to provide irrefutable evidence in support of any claim they make. To include:

  • Witness statements
  • Time stamped Photographs
  • GPS Track-log data

A growing number of pilots are using GPS's to record their flight tracks. We accept GPS Track log data, in support of a flight, in IGC data format.


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