2016/03/07 New IGC features By: Rob Chett

We've added some new features to the flight uploader, hopefully it will make things a bit easier than before

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2016/02/22 Revamped site is live! By: Rob Chett

New updates to the site in preperation for the new season. If you hadn't noticed, lots of changes have been made to the front end of the site as well as the backend.

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2012/12/05 Chambre Open 2012 By: Rob Chet

The Comp flights for the Chabre Open are now live!! Congratulations to everyone involved! More details can be found at Goal/Rogallo

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2012/12/04 Problems With Uploads By: Rob Chet

After a great weekend for flying wouldn't it be a shame if you couldn't upload your flights...

Sorry about that, everything should be back up and running now but if you are still having problems read this post!

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2012/12/03 BOS Round 1 By: Rob Chet
Well done to everyone taking part in the first round of this years BOS. All of the results are now on the system including the combined comp tracks! If there are any mistakes with gliders/clubs/scores please inform us. Looking forward to round 2! Read more
2012/12/02 BOS Task 1 By: Rob Chet

BOS Task 1 flights have been added to the database and the comp tracks generated.

Well done to Grant for getting to goal. Task maps are available by going to "Comps" and selecting "BOS 2012 / Task 1". Scores are calculated by a different system to the comps score so positions may vary. If your score seems quite off or we have associated you with the wrong club / glider please tell Phil and it will be changed - I used the last submitted flight as a reference for everyone as we comps team don't keep a record of club. Fingers crossed the weather is good for the next couple of days!

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2012/12/01 Super Sunday bug fixes and updates By: Rob Chett

Looks like a new UK record has been set, congratulations to Carl Walbank

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2012/04/13 New Functions By: Rob Chett
After the loss of the the forums when I re wrote the site I have replaces them with a semi-instant chat thingy-ma-do-da. Hopefully you can use this for the same things as the old forum. Messages can be annonymous if you wish all we ask is that it is kept clean and legal. Next, if it seems resonable I will add the ability to comment on flights. Read more
2011/12/01 2011 Winners By: Rob Chett

The awards for the year have been finalised, congratulations to all the winners and runners up also!

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2011/11/01 New Tables Page By: Rob Chett
So, if you have looked at the tables page recently you should have noticed it has changed a bit. The most notable thing is it will now attempt to merge 3 different function into one page. Obviously it is still used to view the tables, this part will always be visible and depending on the size of your screen you will be able to change the table with either the old `basic` setting (for narrow screens, or the `advanced` settings found previously on the Custom Tables page. You should also see a map on the left, unless you have a very narrow screen, which can be used to overlay the traces for any flights in the tables. To do this click the flight you wish to add and a box will appear with the flight details, including a button to add the flight. If you can`t see all the sections but want to press ctrl+ - (control and minus keys) to zoom out. This will unfortunately make text smaller too. If you don`t like this view please tell us why and you can continue to use the old version by using the link at the top of the page. Read more
2011/10/31 Changes To The Site By: Rob Chett

As of the 1st of December 2011 there wil be a few changes to the rules, these are to enble a safer and fairer league.

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2011/07/07 Viewer Update By: Rob Chett
You can now use the flight viewer (found by clicking a score an then choosing 'view in google maps') with any browser with javascript support. You can control the track by either dragging the blue slider found at the bottom of the map or by pressing the 'play' button also found at the bottom. This update also effects the comp viewer. Rob Read more
2011/07/04 Comp Tracks update By: Rob Chett
The comp tracks now show the task and can be 'played' allowing you to pay more attention to what is actually happening and not what you are scrolling, i recommend values of 333/500/1000 for number of cycles for smooth tracks and 0.1 seconds between cycles. Next thing I will be working on is making it easier to distinguish the pilots in a gaggle. I will have a bit of time on my hands these next few weeks so if anyone has suggestions for the site they will be more than welcome. Read more
2011/07/04 BOS 2011 Round 3 part 3 By: Rob Chett
The last task can be found here, congratulations to the 4? guys who made goal, some impressive flying and it was nice to see you come in from the camp site. Commiserations to Graham Phipps who fell ~200m short of goal. Official results can be found on the BHGC site. Read more
2011/06/30 BOS 2011 Round 3 part 1 By: Rob Chett
So task one is over, load of messing in the score room and we can release the results for the UKNXCL part. The actual BOS is being a little more of a pain ! You can see the maps here, the results are of course in the usual place. Read more
2011/06/30 BOS 2011 Round 3 part 2 By: Rob Chett
Close call on the first to goal, Paul Harvey made a good call and beat Tim King to the post. 6 people made goal in the end so congratulations. Read more
2011/06/07 Basic Handicapping By: Rob Chett
Using the Custom Select form you can now apply handicaps on Class and Kingposts. The multipliers stack so a 0.5 multi on Class 5 and a 0.8 on kingpost will give a 0.4 multi on rigid and kingpostless gliders. Use a multi of 0 to exclude that type. The multiplier for the flight will be displayed next to in in the table. for example Handicap Test, 2010 with 0.8 on class 5 Rob Read more
2011/06/03 All of BOS ROund 2 By: Rob Chett
All of BOS Round 2 has been added, you can see the flights combined for each task here http://www.uknxcl.co.uk/comps. the results will be available at goal some point soon Read more
2011/05/31 Tables By: Rob Chett
"Glider Mode" (a check box option) will display the tables with gliders as the main focus instead of pilot. The Club league will also swap to "manufacturers league". Thought someone somewhere might like to see. Rob Read more
2011/05/28 BOS 2011 Round 2 By: Rob Chett
First day done, and flights added, you can see the group trace here or download the kml so you can see it in 3d (using google earth) from here. The official results can be found at Goal In case you haven't seen the, the other comps BOS round 1, BOS round 1 club class Read more
2011/05/28 Custom Leagues By: Rob Chett
First custom league added, this one if for intermediate gliders and is called "hangies league". Read more
2011/05/27 Change to the glider select By: Rob Chett
Added manufacturer info to the glider drop down to (hopefully) make it easier to find your glider., if I couldn't find a manufacturer on the internet it will be marked with 0 - glider name. If you spot a mistake or can name the unnamed then please do so here. Rob Read more
2011/05/27 Custom Leagues By: Rob Chett

If you wish to make a custom league then download these two files pilot database and glider database and edit them with a new column, for the gliders put in the multiplier they will recieve (ie 0 if they are not allowed, 1 for normal score) and for each pilot a 1 or 0 if they are allowed in the league or not, or alternatly the multiplier they should recieve. If you send them to me along with any additional things you would like in the league (including a name for the league) I will see what I can sort out. Once I have one custom league up and running I will attempt to create an admin interface so you can skip me out entirly and organise them yourself. If anyone has knowlage of a hg database with info on each glider I could allow you to create a "formula" from this info to create the glider handicaps automatically as well.

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2011/05/22 New Users, working again By: Rob Chett
I had broken the new user form when storing emails in an encrypted form, this has now been fixed. The people who had tried to create users but and then been unable to log in will need to re-create their account, sorry about that. Read more
2011/05/18 New Option for Tables By: Rob Chett
Due to recent discussions about the validity of certain tracks without altitude measurements we have made a table which will only display flights submitted with a valid 3d log, each flight must be vetted by a member of the admin team before it will be shown on this table. Out of 237 flights with a supporting log, only 31 were 2d logs. For the remained of this season we have no intention of limiting flights to only 3d logs. As of next season however the official table MAY be redefined to only contain such flights and 2d logs with no chance of airspace infringement. If this is the case then an 'unofficial' league will still be available with the current criteria for flights. Of course, if any flight this season is found to be within airspace it will be removed. Read more
2011/05/11 Defined Flight Notification By: phil chett
To Qualify for defined Goal/OR/Triangle you will need to text Your name and co-ords to 07747885677. You can change your mind as often as conditions change, just as long as the text is sent before take off. With the exception of BOS Goal flights no defined flights will be accepted without text notification Read more
2011/05/06 Trace follow added By: Rob Chett
Unfortunately i forgot about the slider being a html5 element so it will only work on newer versions of chrome and safari. For those of you who don't have/want to get either of these I will try and roll out a way of doing this without the slider in a while. Read more
2011/05/06 BOS 2011 Round 1 Task 1 By: Rob Chett
We have now uploaded the tracks from the BOS. Right now I am working on improving the viewing system to allow all the flights from a comp task to be displayed together and followed through time. Hopefully this will be interesting to people. Read more
2011/05/06 Trace follow added By: Rob Chett

When looking at a track with our google maps system you can now follow the flight by moving the slider at the bottom of the page. A vertical line will also travel across the height map to show the relative progression through the flight. If the slider and the red line are not aligned that is because the igc has not got constant time steps, the height graph maps height against time from first point while the slider is for each point not time.

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2011/05/04 BOS 2011 Round 1 By: Rob Chett

The first round is over. After 4 days with winds too high to fly a lot of people had gone home but for the 35 people who stayed there was a great flying day to enjoy. The goal for the main league was set to ~85k with around 13 people making it, Grant Crossingham coming in first of the flexwings. For the club guys there was a ~35k goal which 4 guys made, Daniel Balla winning that and going on to fly a 87k flight! Congratulation to everyone who flew and may the next round bring you more luck with the weather.

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2011/05/04 Rules Changed. By: Rob Chett

We have changed the rules slightly, nothing major though. Read this post for more details

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2011/04/27 New users By: Rob Chett

Oh No! Looks like the new user form isn't working, no worries, I've fixed it now

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2011/04/26 New Site By: Rob Chett

We've moved to our own platform so there will be some changes you should be aware of. Read this post to see what they are

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