Soper Jeremy 2023-04-07

Flight ID 12009
Glider Moyes - RX4
Club Condors
Defined No
Launch 1
Type 1
Ridge Lift No
Score 29.66x1 = 29.66
Lat Lng OS
51.805102 -3.049273 SO277123
51.792294 -3.073625 SO260109
51.83806 -3.083422 SO254160
51.872745 -3.377676 SO052202
51.862112 -3.364281 SO061190
Info Perseverance paid off - finally cracked the Black Mountain Triangle (Blorenge-Pen y Fan-Hay Bluff-Blorenge) on my 27th attempt =) Naturally, both trackers failed me, so you'll just have to take my word for it!
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