Armstrong Mike 2023-04-08

Flight ID 12012
Glider AIR - Atos-VQ-Race
Club Scottish Hang Gliding Club
Defined No
Launch 1
Type 4
Ridge Lift No
Score 38.87x2.5 = 97.17
Lat Lng OS
55.602383 -3.654595 NS958355
55.509688 -3.596862 NS992251
55.555827 -3.831796 NS845306
55.602383 -3.654595 NS958355
Info Having completed but wrongly programmed in the end point of a fairly un-ambitious triangle (see red line on map), I decided to free-hand a triangle as conditions were obviously improving (understatement!). Possibly the most enjoyable day I've had at Tinto in all these years.
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