Armstrong Mike 2023-06-03

Flight ID 12079
Glider AIR - Atos-VQ-Race
Club Scottish Hang Gliding Club
Defined Yes
Launch 1
Type 4
Ridge Lift No
Score 30.55x3 = 91.64
Lat Lng OS
56.557614 -4.177716 NN662427
56.503186 -4.353345 NN552370
56.478851 -4.210552 NN639340
56.557614 -4.177716 NN662427
Info I am such a lazy un-ambitious sod. I really must try harder, on a day like this, much more is possible, as proven by Stewart Reid. But the lure of landing beside the car is too great - it backfires sometimes though, when the consequence is a late, thirsty and hungry retrieve to pick Stewart up - he will pay hahaha…
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